Sally provided us with many thrills over the years - two outstanding ones were her 2 BEST IN SHOW wins - one in all breed competition and the other = at 6 months of age - at the prestigious Atlantic Top Dog Awards - we were surprised, thrilled, elated but such a lovely representative of the breed deserved to be selected.

Shown left winning BIS at the Oromocto Kennel Club, June 2007,  Always proudly breeder, owner handled.


Thank you to Judge Sandra Lex






OnceAgain our great friend David Lacey captured us in sheer delight = how does he do that?? 


Here we are after being handled our BEST IN SHOW ribbon... Even Sally looks pretty pleased with herself.  She was such a treasure in and out of the ring.  She brought the best forward for the Breed and the best out in Me...

She is so sorely missed by myself and David everyday.