About Us

It is difficult to think back far enough to when we were not involved with this breed.    Claude, has been "WITH PEI" since around 1983.  David since about 1990.

It does seem like forever ...and in fact it pretty much HAS BEEN...

Now, Claude,  does remember driving in a snow storm to Petrolia, Ontario - about 5 hours - to see the "greatest litter ever born" according to that breeder (long deceased).

That was the beginning of what has now turned into a life long love of the Chinese Shar-Pei.

That pup, purchased, had in fact survived a bout of Parvo... but  was coming to us anyway!!!!!!!! Believe it or not!

LILY  lived to a ripe old age, 13,  I believe and was never a breeding quality female, as we quickly learned....The breeder of course... was certain she was!

One thing for sure, LILY was an introduction to the marvelous Chinese Shar-Pei, and like the old saying goes...like potato chips.. you can't just have one.

Claude was lucky enough to be led to a dog show in Michigan, where he met one of the early experienced breeders and from that day forward was hopelessly smitten, with his new friends, and his new dreams to endeavour to find  a sound female to have as a foundation bitch. That bitch was the dear WANG CHUNG who came to live in Canada the following year.

There have been many ups and downs and even an attempt to throw in the towel.... or should I say drool cloth...but..

Once smitten... well, come by and see. The  current dogs have the sofa, the bed, the best part of the floor space for beds and toys, water dishes and food bowls,  the car seats and most of all our hearts.

David stumbled into all of this in about 1990, and has supported all of the zany antics, both canine and human, ever since.  He still talks about Markie as if he was here today!

We both feel so honoured to live with these dogs and we feel a day without sun is a day without our Pei.

Our lives are richer, because of them, fuller, because of them and happier, because of them.   In this household, the dogs come first. Period!

I, Claude, was surprised to be nominated and honoured to be chosen Canadian Dog Digest's Top Dog Person of the year (2007).  Thankyou so much to those who voted for me.  We are Members of good standing with the Canadian Kennel Club.